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Floating Homes in Scarborough Bluffs – Unique Living in Toronto

Floating Homes in Scarborough Bluffs – Unique Living in Toronto

real estate, floating homes The Story of Floating Homes in Toronto.

Welcome to the water community of floating homes!

Bluffer’s Park Marina, on the Scarborough lakeshore community has 24 uniquely structured floating homes. These extraordinary, aquatic homes were build by Ichor Marine development between 1999 and 2001. Floating homes are fully convenient and provide all types of utilities you may ever think of.  The only difference is that they float on concrete barges & sit on rented land since lake waters are considered to be a city land.  Thus, if you may think these homes are very affordable and easy to mortgage – we will surprise you.

Recent sales of float boats were ranging between $600,000 and just over $1 million dollars. Moreover, maintenance comes with monthly moorage fees for seven hundred dollars and other city taxes. Aside of the differences and complications that may arise for the owner, neighborhood attracts more and more buyers within each year. If you are cherishing cottage lifestyle and not missing traffic, floating home may be on your dream home checklist.

How can you say no to constant front lake views anyway?




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