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  • Step 1: Decide When To Sell Your House
  • Step 2: Prepare Home for Sale
  • Step 3: Pricing Your House for Sale
  • Step 4: Marketing
  • Step 5: Showings
  • Step 6: Offers
  • Step 7: Closing Day
  • Step 8: Possession Day

Step 1: Decide When To Sell Your House

Time period. As we know, real estate is seasonal with December, January and August known as the slowest months to sell. We’ll be looking to find the right time of the year to find the best buyer to sell your home at its highest value.

Step 2: Prepare Home for Sale

  1. Declutter! Remove all possible personal items or anything that can distract potential buyers. Try to leave more space in your home to show its full size and potential.
  2. Clean, clean, clean! The cleaner the house, the faster it will sell. Fix everything that’s needed for your home to sparkle and look brand new.

Step 3: Pricing Your House for Sale

Pricing a house in Toronto is very important part of the selling process. A good REALTOR will be discussing benefits and disadvantages of different strategies for pricing your home lower or higher for more interest.

Step 4: Marketing

One of the important jobs for a realtor is to have successful advertising pattern for your home to make sure it finds the best buyer.

Marketing includes:

  • Photography/Videography: Most buyers see homes online and having professional photos and videos is a must.
  • For Sale Signs: It’s recommended to have For Sale Sign installed as many buyers tend to drive around the area to spot available homes for sale.
  • Open Houses: usually run by REALTOR during weekends to have more exposure to neighbors and potential buyers in the area.
  • Online Marketing: Aside of MLS database, REALTORS advertise your listing to bunch of other media sources as much as possible.
  • Email Marketing/Social Media: Email marketing is another way to share information with other successful REALTORS in the area and their buyers.
  • Print Marketing: brochures, door hangers, flyers etc. help with promoting your listing 24/7 as well.

Step 5: Showings

When Buyers are on their way to see your home, make sure to be ready to:

  • Leave the house! Having an owner walking around you creates extra pressure and discomfort for potential Buyer.
  • Be flexible and available for any showing. It sounds inconvenient, but selling your home at the highest price in a shortest time period takes an effort and this is one of them.
  • Take your pets with you. Unfortunately, not everybody likes pets as you do. Sometimes it is best thing to take them with you to keep buyers oriented on the house.

Step 6: Offers (Finally!)

When offer hits the table, be ready to expect coupe conditions in it.

For example:

  1. Financing condition, allows the Buyer to confirm their mortgage qualifications with a lender
  2. Home inspection condition, allows the Buyer to bring in a home inspector of their choosing to go through the home.

Step 7: Closing Day

At a closing day, you or your lawyer will take care of few things before Buyer takes possession:

  1. Notify utility companies of your planned move.
  2. Notify the city to avoid paying extra property taxes.
  3. Cancel your home insurance.

Step 8: Possession Day

Typical possessions are 30 – 60 days. Home buyers begin taking care of paperwork related to home buyer process. Meeting with lawyer is recommended a week before the possession. Down payment, insurance and other related to title concerns are addressed.

On the possession day you are meeting with your agent for a complete walk through of the home. At this time, we are looking for everything to be in a working order and ready to go. It will still give us enough time to notify lawyer of any problems before closing the offer fully. Once you receive your keys – it is time to enjoy your new and beautiful place called home!

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